Sunday, December 2, 2012

the end is here, Twihards ! ! !

 this movie, 

 i start the movie with a smile, shed some tears in between, and ends it with even a wider smile.

the movie started with the showing of Bella's new reform self.
and the appearance of him, of course =)

 in this last saga,
he tends to smile a lot more
he seems more happy with his now-complete-family.

don't get me wrong, i'm happy too ...

but when i saw his smile, 

it make it kindda hard for me to let go @___@

after being a part of this wonderful SAGA since the beginning of Twilight,
i have to admit that it is hard to believe that there'll be no more of Edward, or Bella, or even Jake after this.
the most tragic twist was when i saw Carlisle, Jasper being torn apart and burned to death, and Seth and Leah being crushed and thrown away in despair.
and the most awkward moment is when it was all in Alice's prediction, and nothing is actually had happened.
the i've-been-fooled-in-the-dark-part is what i hate the most in this movie. *smirk*
the last bit of the movie showed Bella projecting her memories towards Edward when she first saw him is SUPER ROMANTIC.
at the end of the movie, they had showed all the member cast of the film, which is SUPER FANTASTIC :')

oh, and by the way, 
meet my new crush, BENJAMIN a.k.a RAMI MALEK *wink*

he's a vampire with the gift of being able to controls the elements of
earth, water, fire, and
he had total control over my heart *sigh*

is it just me, or is he look EXACTLY LIKE my BRUNO??? 

there's nothing more i can say about this movie because it's simply AWESOME ! ! ! 
to all the cast, and fellow people that had made this movie happened,
you guys deserves a BIG APPLAUSE and a GRAND standing ovation !

the song i can't stop humming since i came back from SUNWAY 

no measure of time with you will be long enough,
but let start with FOREVER ... 

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